Friday, August 27, 2010

Revit Content

Most new Revit users usually start asking the question soon after they have a few hours under their belt "Where can I find Content and Families for Revit, especially if I dont know how to make them?" Well There are a couple of resources. One resource is Autodesk Seek, which I highlighted in a previous blog. The second resource would be RevitCity. website: This is a user added site and all the content is free. But user beware... that doesnt always mean you will get a properly functioning Component. But in most cases, I have been very succssful with the content I have downloaded from this site. The signup is free. There is a search section to find what you are looking for and then download. This site also has a forum, job postings, and a gallery of images from users. Check it out and see what kind of useful content you can download. Oh, and if its not on the site, users can upload their Revit families and share with the world. Happy Revit searching!

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