Thursday, August 5, 2010

BIM - The final Frontier

Meeting with clients today to discuss BIM. Specificially BIM with Revit. If we take a step backwards in time and look at how things have been drawn in the past 20 years with CAD software, there have been improvement, but overall it is still being used a an electronic pencil. Many folks could be using an Etch-a-Sketch. This is because there is no information with an etch-a sketch or electronic pencil. Its just lines, nothing else. So... lets fast forward to today. Or even a handful of years ago when Revit was brought on the stage. Revit's technology is build on a Parametric Change Engine. In laymans terms that menas a change to the model, will result in a change everywhere in the model. If an exterior door in plan is moved, it will be moved in elevation. All items are live tracked, counted and reported in schedules. Autodesk has even said "its not if people move to Revit, its more when the move to Revit. Read more about Revit on Autodesk's website:

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  1. Revit is a great tool for the a/e industry, but is lacking on the construction side. I work for a mechanical contractor and there is only one software out now and one in the works to bring constructibility from Revit. What I mean is that Revit draws generically ie: pipe, fittings, duct etc. I push contractors towards Autocad MEP, it has many of the features of Revit and real world parts. And when they purchase the suite with Revit they can use Revit for the design capabilities and become familiar with it for the future. I'm not bashing Revit, I use it occasionally for special projects and I believe Revit will become "the standard" for BIM projects, but right now it's just not there yet.