Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Traveling for 3ds Max

Spending the next 2 days in Raleigh, NC meeting clients and showing them 3ds Max Design 2011. It is always fun to show people the cool stuff you can do with this software. I really enjoy when talking to people about the software have an "a-ha!" moment, when they realize how powerful and helpful this software can be.

There are so many cool features in this release which include: Slate Editor, Quicksilver Hardware Renderer, Local Edits to Containers, FBX Linking, Materials Library, UI Customization and Composite.

Here is an example on the right showing the capabilites of what you can produce with 3ds Max design. This image, which is part of an animation sequence, really show the foliage and landscaping, not to mention the reflections of the glass.

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