Sunday, July 25, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 - teaching and learning

I spent part of today preparing for a class I will be teaching this week on AutoCAD 2011. Even though the majority of classes I teach are on Revit (Architecture/Structure) and 3ds Max, its good to get back to the basics. The class will cover the fundamentals of the software starting from the beginning with the concept the student has not used or even touched the software.
That takes me on a trip on memory lane. I personally have been using AutoCAD for 15 years, going back to release 11 when it was still DOS based. We had to learn the software commands, not the pretty buttons. So much has changed in the software in those years. But learnign the basics has remained the same. I am a big advocate of having students understand the basics. Its the same concept of learningto drive a manual transmission car vs. and automatic. I think you understand how a car works, runs and how you drive, and pay attention to everything going on around you. We still teach about Modelspace and Paperspace. The basic drawing tools commands. I feel its better to know the commands vs. where the pretty buttons are.

Find out more about the latest new features in AutoCAD 2011 with this link to Autodesk's AutoCAD website:

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