Friday, July 23, 2010

Dynamite VSP

I am a 3ds Max Design user and also and instructor of the software. The last few days I was in Raleigh, NC showing 3ds Max to Civil customers. Something new for Civil users who are interested in rendering is that... Autodesk recently purchased a U.K. based company named 3AM Solutions. They had a product named Dynamite VSP. It is a plug-in for Civil 3d nad for 3ds Max, which allows users to take the corridor data created in Civil 3d, and export it out to 3ds Max. Once in 3ds Max there are tools to help you further develop the model data like barriers, guardrails, signs and actively edit the road paths. Here is a link to get more information: Autodesk Dynamite VSP

Image provided by Autodesk / 3AM Solutions

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